Cornel + Renate

I love people with a sense of adventure! I met Cornel + Renate at Burger + Inge’s wedding,  when I saw this couple enjoying themselves on the dance floor I remember going up to them and saying how awesome and rare it is to see a couple enjoying each other as best friends, it was a quality that stood out for me and it blessed me to see them truly delighting in being together. Cornel with his love for off-road adventures and Renate with her passion for animals and nature can only be the perfect combination going forward in one flesh. Who would have thought that a few months later I would have the honour to capture this relationship making their vowels to one another and joining hands in deciding to be each others best friends for the rest of their life. The emotions of joy, excitement and pure delight were ever present. Celeste and her husband (the owners of Klipskuur wedding venue and truly an amazing team of people who really will go out of their way to treat you with the upmost of kindness) added a homely feel, with their delectable food and hospitality…a special touch to an already lovely day. My senses went into overdrive on the day with the bosveld smells and the contrasted nature scenes filling me with so much joy that I could not keep my emotions at bay sharing with the family and friends. Incredible wedding with such lekker people! Cornel and Renate may the laughter never end, may there always be joy in your home and when times are tough may you think back to this moment and remind yourselves that the Lord has given you a best friend to share all of life’s joys, hardships and triumphs with. Hold fast to Him who is all knowing, all loving, rich in mercy and grace and He will be your guide on this journey of marriage.

Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth…be exhilarated always with her love. Song of Songs 5:18 and 19b



Music by “Sleeping at Last” with the song “I am gonna be 500 miles” to buy it on iTunes click here

to listen with Cornel + Renate’s wedding click play icon



Venue : Die Klipskuur

Second shooter : Carin Lesley Cross (great upcoming photographer to work with)

Film company: Mighty Fine Productions (amazing people to work with… Marius and Belrie)

Make up Lady : Lyn Reece

Floral designer : Karoosie with Sonja Oosthuizen


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