Louis + Louzel

Part of having to capture destination weddings is the excitement, the open roads, the different atmospheres of landscapes and the knowledge of not knowing who we will meet on this journey. Having done a wedding the night before in a different location with a another vibe makes it quite interesting to see the contrast in the way weddings portrays itself.  Do yourself a favor and book a flight to Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth, South Africa), rent a car and drive to Graaff Reinet. A town with old dutch style buildings that gives you the time to walk and admire its quiet beauty. One of the big landmarks is this massive granite church. A building that stands out as you enter the town from the south east. This is where Louis and Louzel planned to make their vows with each other and share their joy with family and friends. We were greeted with hugs and so much warmth that we immediately felt comfortable to just relax and take in the relationships of family who loves one another in respect and admiration. We loved Louzel’s go-getter attitude with her old Merc called”daisy” driving herself to the church with her bridesmaids and stopping to put on her shoes on just outside before she walked up to the door to meet her best friend Louis. On the other side you had Louis with his quite nature to care and wait for his bride to be. We were so thankful to have witnessed this big moment in their lives! Honestly seeing the couple enjoying themselves without noticing the camera is what we live to capture and when you do just that you grasp the full fruits of true joy. It truly blessed us! Thank you for making the effort to get us to Graaff Reinet and capture something special. We pray with your friends and families for growth in God’s Word and understanding what it means to love one another more than loving yourselves.  Love is a sacrifice and it is there to give. May you remember this day as a day of thankfulness, support, a joy that is shared with so many and a love that will last t only God provides.


Ephesians 4:2-3 “Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.”


Enjoy these moments! love Garick and Lisa…

Videography: Your wedding tale

Venue: The Drostdy hotel

Music by the “Golden sun” with the song “Golden sun” from the album “An atlas to follow”. If you would like to buy this song you can by clicking on this link click here



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