Christie + Olga

As you start this new journey as husband and wife.

For Lisa + I this was one wedding we were really looking forward too, not only would we be capturing a wedding which we knew would be completely unique but we would be capturing the wedding of people who, in my life and travels to London and back I had come to know and now it was their turn to make their forever vows and start a journey together.

The night before the wedding, we arrived in Tulbagh, cool breeze in the air, but much excitement. We arrived at Roodezand, put our bags down and headed out with the couple and their friends to watch their favorite band Spoegwolf at the Saronsberg Teater. What a way to spent the night, listening to the tunes of this talented band, eating burgers and celebrating with the couple, that tomorrow when they wake up it would be the day, but tonight there will be much to rejoice about, laugh about and friendships to enjoy. After a night of pure delight, we headed back to our cottage, excited for the next day. When we look back on Christie and Olga’s  lovely day, we have to say it was one filled with color and a joy that was real, honest, true and raw. From the beginning till the end, every detail lovingly prepared and handmade, really made the day completely unique. It is honestly the first time that we have experienced at a wedding, where a couple has decided that instead of dance music being played on the dance floor, only rock ‘n roll will be acceptable and there was not an empty spot on that dance floor right up until midnight. We could not resist dancing with you after the absolutely unforgettable day.

Christie and Olga thank you for making us part of your special day, what a joy it was to be able to capture the warmth of your wedding story, the friendships you share with those who celebrated with you is something to be treasured. As you start this new journey as husband and wife, and a family of three, always remember the words expressed and shared by your family on your foreverly day, and hold onto that which is good. We pray that the Lord will be ever present in your marriage, that he will use your marriage to draw you closer to Him and that in times of joy and difficulty you will hold fast to Him.

Liefde xxx Garick + Lisa + little Jude

Colossians 3:14: And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Venue: Roodezand

Band: Spoegwolf

Music by “Sleeping at last”  with the song “Dear true love” from the album “Year book collection”  If you would like to buy this song you can by clicking on this link click here


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2 Responses to “Christie + Olga”

  • Oh wow! wow! wow! im speechless! these pics are every bit as awesome as what you Garick and Lisa are! So much more than i would have ever expected. the time and perfect capturing of moments…now we can relive it exactly as it was! julle is die beste!!! dankie dankie xxxx smiling from ear to ear jip thats me

  • What beautiful pictures. You guys really captured the atmosphere of the place and the spirit of love of the event. Well done! And thank you. Congratulations again, Olga and Christie!


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