Dan + Carin

An intimate wedding celebration at a gem of a place.

Lisa + I have known Carin + Dan for awhile and it was such a privilege for us when they asked us to capture their wedding story under the trees of ‘Belofte’.

We just loved the way the day flowed so effortlessly and with the cosmos at the end of its season it was truly a blessing to enjoy the day with them. Words of love, gratitude and appreciation expressed in the April breeze and as the sun started to set on a truly perfect day, Dan took Carin’s hand and in the cool night breeze danced with her while jelly and custard was enjoyed and meaningful conversations shared. Carin + Dan thank you that we could share in this special day with you and capture a story that you had been planning for quite some time.

It was truly unique. We pray that as you walk this journey together that the promises you pledged to one another will sustain you during the ups and downs of your marriage. May these images be a reminder of a day perfectly planned and wonderfully spent with those dear to you.

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9

My photographer in crime and talented wife, Lisa van Staden

Music bery Amberhope from the EP “Seasons” featuring Caleb Wollf.

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