Inus + Cene


Traveling to a destination wedding.

One of my very first weddings I captured was on the dunes of Mariental! To be back in this beautiful country and be able to travel to Swakopmund was a real treat. As we arrived a few days prior to the wedding we were able to share in the joy and the trials with the challenges and excitement of the buildup to this day. We arrived in Windhoek and spent the night with friends who we had not seen in a very long time.

Swakopmund is truly special, sea on the one side and dunes on the other.

We joined the couple as they finalized their last minute arrangements with the wedding planner and there caught a glimpse of just what it takes to plan a wedding in a different country and organise majority of the guests who are all flying in specially for this wedding.

The biggest stress of the wedding was whether the couple would actually be legally married in Namibia, gracefully after many calls it was decided that although Inus + Cene would not be considered legally married on Namibian soil so they would make a quick stop at OR Tambo’s Mugg + Bean and there make everything legal…what an epic story.

All the stress seemed to dissipate as we took an afternoon ride to the Moon Landscape where the reception would be held, and there as we stood and realized…this is it, and how awesome it is going to be, Inus embraced Cene and there was much to be thankful for. This wedding made us feel like tourists in Swakopmund. From ice creams at Fork n Nice with the groom to an early morning rise and a good cup of coffee at Slowtown, it was truly unforgettable. Ines + Cene thank you for the privilege of being able to be part of the bigger story of this truly amazing day. What an adventure it was and no doubt will continue to be. To see you dance in the dunes from just the joy of being able to say…”woohooo we made it!” was for us a highlight.

May you always remember what you went through to get to this special day. You will realise these bumps in the road are only there to pull us closer together on this road of marriage.


Garick + Lisa

Videography: Nifty Studio

Dress bought from: The Wedding Collective Pretoria

Dress designed by: Janita Toerien

Music by Xavier Rudd/ song “Follow the sun” Get it on iTunes click here

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