Pieter + Alicia

What makes a wedding is the company of great people.

What makes a wedding is the company we have kept and sharing a day with those folks and family was Pieter and Alicia’s joy.

While Alicia chatted away with her bridesmaids and laughing together, Pieter enjoyed the last couple of hours at the pool with friends, enjoying a beer and catching up with mates. busking in the sun and the heat of the day.

Pieter’s face when he saw Alicia walking down the aisle was priceless. The atmosphere between friends was electric because it gave us such lovely opportunities to just focus on natural journalistic moment. It goes to show what good company looks like! For us we so enjoyed the way they seized every moment, willing to stop at every turn for a photo. Unforgettable day!

Thank you for giving us a lovely wedding story to capture!

Venue: Green leaves

Décor: Pretty Weddings

Music by the Talbott brother with the song “we got love” buy it on Itunes click here




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