Zak + Corneli

Pastures of tinted green fields.

The warmth of feeling at home away from home among people who does not care where you from you always will be so welcome!

Traveling to this remote destination in the Freestate is a little farm village called Rouxville.

We flew from Joburg to Bloemfontein with our rental car waiting for us! Not any rental car but bride’s Ouma’s (who is  sadly not with the family anymore) purple 1600 Nissan Centra!  We felt we were taken back in time. Loved it!  Farm weddings are amazing!

It was Zak and Corneli’s big weekend of celebrating their wedding. Two farmers who became the best of friends that loves to laugh together and make funny remarks that off course filters through to their amazing circle of friends and beautiful families.  The rainy season was looming and the pastures of tinted green fields was dancing with the wind as we gasped at the most beautiful time of the year in the Free state.

We even thought because of the rain we should at least be prepared and decided to get some Gumboots from the local farm outlet just in case things got muddy but we were far from predicting the weather because it turned out to be one of those days that only our heavenly Father knows would be good for all of us to witness. A beautiful day with great people can only give you a stunner story!

I could write a whole story on Rouxville and the people but do yourself a favor and stop there, sleep over, and leave with a sense of thankfulness for people like this. Its good for your soul!

Zak & Corneli! Thank you so much for all the spoils and the amazing places we have seen in our short visit. Your wedding day was beautiful and one for the books. We will pray for your marriage to grow from strength to strength grounded in God’s Word.

Accomondation we satyed at in Rouxville:  House1929

Music by Ed Sheeran with the song ‘Tenerife Sea’ buy it on Itunes click here



One Response to “Zak + Corneli”


    Stunning photos of the Wedding.
    Thank you for stayiing with us at B&B House 1929, it was a great pleasure to meet you and your wife and to have you as our Guest over the weekend.
    Good luck to you , we will also recommend you to other couples.


    Jan and Karien


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