Marinus + Alison

A day together under the trees

This was a day that Marinus + Alison could not wait to share together.

A love that started across oceans and on separate continents. Today was the day they would stand in the same place, on one continent and bring together all their family and friends across the world to celebrate a day long awaited. It was a beautiful day for a wedding celebration under the trees of Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel. As Alison came walking down the aisle, the African sun dancing between the leaves of the trees, there was smiles, tears and joy.

With the sun setting and the day slowly drawing to a close, it was the laughter and merriment under the trees that filled the air. With the DJ playing something of everything, to accommodate all who came to share in this occasion, there was some funky dance moves and happy vibes flowing on the dance floor. The excellent food, décor and sweet tunes made the feast of this wedding day completely perfect!

Marinus + Alison may the love you share continue to grow. May you always look back on your wedding day as the day you married your best friend and partner for life. May the joy that was so evident on your wedding day continue to blossom and bloom as the years follow. Thank you for letting us capture the memories of your wedding story.

Be blessed

Garick + Lisa

Venue: Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel

Music by Birdtalker with the song ‘My lover’ listen to it on spotify click here



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