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Cornel + Renate

Published in October 22, 2015

I love people with a sense of adventure! I met Cornel + Renate at Burger + Inge's wedding,  when I saw this couple enjoying themselves on the dance floor I remember going up to them and saying how awesome and rare it is to see a couple enjoying each other as best friends, it was a quality that stood out for me and it blessed me to see them truly delighting in being together. Cornel with his love for off

Burger + Inge

Published in June 25, 2015

How different the landscape of Heidelberg looks in the winter. As we drove on the well known dirt road towards The Stone Cellar wedding venue, we were excited to see just what the day had in store for us on this icy and chilly winter Saturday. The winter lines in the landscape perfectly blended with the modern vintage detail of the wedding. What a celebration! From the time we arrived at the venue there was m

Warren + Janine

Published in June 8, 2015

The cool summers rain that fell on the 11th of April, was definitely not going to damper the excitement and emotion of Warren and Janine's wedding day. As we headed to The Stone Cellar, not only were we excited about shooting at this particular venue (as we have done a few weddings there and they are by far one of our favourite places to shoot) but capturing the joy between these two special people. The mint

Calie + Lenie

Published in June 4, 2015

A wedding day themed in red, white and as a bride gets dressed for her big day and the anticipation of a groom to see the woman he loves walk down the isle, this was the excitement surrounding the wedding day of Calie and Lenie at The Stone Cellar Wedding Venue. My first wedding on an Easter Sunday, which added to the emotion of the day. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere is what made this wedding d

Detlev + Rianè

Published in March 27, 2015

Its been a crazy first few months of 2015 in my home as we received numerous emails on different types of photoshoots. Weddings are my main game as I was thrown out of my comfort zone with shoots of resorts, product shoots and my most daunting, teaching photography to kids in front of a class of 32.  We tend to rationalize that we are going to be rusty when we return to what we are good at but its exactly


Published in February 11, 2015

Shooting a wedding at The Stone Cellar is always a privilege for me. Lisa and I were so excited to head out and shoot our last wedding of the year. As we arrived at the venue, there was much excitement, joy and celebration buzzing as the last of the decor was being checked and hung. For Amy this was the day she had been dreaming and planning for, a day where her and JP would unite as husband and wife in the s

Nico + Shelly

Published in January 19, 2015

Lisa and I arrived in the Midlands, the day before the wedding to meet Nico and Shelly who we had only met over skype as they had travelled from New Zealand to get married in sunny South Africa with their family and friends. Even though the sun decided to rest on the day of the wedding and sent the mist, it made for some breathtaking shots. Such an amazing wedding to capture. How I enjoyed the story of how th

Pierre + Lynelle ( Lallie )

Published in October 27, 2014

Each wedding story, I have had the privilege of capturing, has its own unique flavor. Lenton Kapp (my second shooter) and I were amped for this wedding as we headed out early Saturday morning. I so enjoyed telling the story of Pierre and Lallie on their wedding day. Leeuwenhof was the perfect setting for their intimate love story. What a special celebration it was, with close friends and family. I loved the

Christiaan + Linki

Published in April 2, 2014

Dullstroom. One of my most loved places that somehow crept into my heart. The open spaces and green hills with a cool breeze hitting your face as you stand and look in silence at God's creation. Lisa and Jude were joining me for the long weekend which makes the trip so worth it. A man with his family is a rich man in his heart. So excited was I to prepare myself for Christiaan & Linki's day of becoming on