Marinus + Alison

Published in June 4, 2018

A day together under the trees This was a day that Marinus + Alison could not wait to share together. A love that started across oceans and on separate continents. Today was the day they would stand in the same place, on one continent and bring together all their family and friends across the world to celebrate a day long awaited. It was a beautiful day for a wedding celebration under the trees of Kleinka

Zak + Corneli

Published in April 10, 2018

Pastures of tinted green fields. The warmth of feeling at home away from home among people who does not care where you from you always will be so welcome! Traveling to this remote destination in the Freestate is a little farm village called Rouxville. We flew from Joburg to Bloemfontein with our rental car waiting for us! Not any rental car but bride's Ouma's (who is  sadly not with the family anymo

Pieter + Alicia

Published in April 2, 2018

What makes a wedding is the company of great people. What makes a wedding is the company we have kept and sharing a day with those folks and family was Pieter and Alicia's joy. While Alicia chatted away with her bridesmaids and laughing together, Pieter enjoyed the last couple of hours at the pool with friends, enjoying a beer and catching up with mates. busking in the sun and the heat of the day. Pi

Clayton +Nikki

Published in December 20, 2017

A day of memories and love! Our last wedding story for 2017! It all started with a hot and sticky day with love notes and memories of two amazing people sharing their love amongst their family and friends. Rosemary hill is one incredible venue! We could not choose enough backdrops for the couple because there is so much to capture... but enough about that. The main story of Nikki & Clayton was to

Etienne + René

Published in December 9, 2017

Happiness garnished with good friends! What an emotional day this was for us! As one our friends was getting married on the venue where me and Lisa got married 9 years ago. Wow! A day filled with sun wind and rain and a lot of happiness garnished with good friends and a colorful party @ the Hertford country hotel. René has been a part of our lives( well mostly Lisa's) since we attended church togeth

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