Clayton +Nikki

Published in December 20, 2017

Our last wedding story for 2017! It all started with a hot and sticky day with love notes and memories of two amazing people sharing their love amongst their family and friends. Rosemary hill is one incredible venue! We could not choose enough backdrops for the couple because there is so much to capture... but enough about that. The main story of Nikki & Clayton was to be told in summer's lush beauty. Emo

Etienne + René

Published in December 9, 2017

What an emotional day this was for us as one our friends was getting married on the venue where me an Lisa got married 9 years ago.  Wow! a day filled with sun wind and rain and a lot of happiness garnished with good friends and a colorful party. René has been a part of our lives( well mostly Lisa's) since we attended church together way back in 2006 where I met my beautiful Lisa at a camp with the young ad

Tim + Catherine

Published in November 2, 2017

It was a day Tim + Catherine had been looking forward to. When we met them a week before the wedding at the venue Glenshiel, we were chatting about the formalities and as we took a walk, hearing the stories they had to tell, there was a moment oh 'wow cant believe it is almost here.' That joy that we had seen so clearly that day between the two of them, just radiated on the day of the wedding. Such delight, l

Inus + Cene

Published in September 22, 2017

There is something about the excitement of traveling to a destination wedding. One of my very first weddings I captured was on the dunes of Mariental and now to be back in this beautiful country and be able to travel to Swakopmund was a real treat. As we arrived a few days prior to the wedding we were able to share in the joy, the trials, the challenges and excitement of the buildup to this day. We arrived in

Attie + Anke

Published in September 13, 2017

There was the beauty of raw emotion as Attie heard his beloved speak moments before she walked down the aisle. As he caught a glimpse of her walking down the aisle, her arm around her father and her dad making her smile and telling her stories only known to the two of them, Attie beamed. Their day had finally arrived, the emotions could not be contained and their love for one another was now going to joined t

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