Even if you are considering photography as a career option or just as a hobby, there are ample things to learn that can increase the fun of capturing images. With 10years of experience I offer you the opportunity to learn, in a creative and supportive environment.

One on one workshops are tailored to suit your needs in one or more or all of the desired learning categories for the upcoming photographer or professional.

Hosting a workshop can also be arranged with groups not more than ten. Please contact us on garickvanstaden@gmail.com for booking a full workshop in your town.

Below is a list of learning categories in photography that I provide.

GEAR.[R450] 2hours /  Getting to know your equipment and any related questions you might have.


}  APPROACH & OBSERVE.[R1500] 4 hours and one shoot day / Telling the story of your subject whether it is in weddings, portraits or documentary. Get also a hands-on practical view of how to approach and working with your client by joining me at a wedding or photo session.


POST PRODUCTION.[R2000] 5 hours / Editing your images is one of the  important elements if not the most important. It is an artform. An in depth look on what style you love of editing you love and how to get to that style.


ADMIN.[R1000] 3hours /  Having your photography business in order makes life more enjoyable. We will be looking at answering emails, social media, software and building a  healthy relationship with your clients.


ALL IN ONE WORKSHOP. [R4350] 3 days  @ 5 hours per day / covering every aspect of the photography business with any questions related to the workshop.


Here is a few Testimonies

Learning with Garick is an experience that will leave you the richer and encourage your innate creativity.  That’s what I discovered recently when I asked him to help me hone my skills before going off to Israel for a month.  I have admired Garick’s work since I first saw his photographs, and when you work with him, his quirky way of thinking and his enthusiasm explodes into your life and broadens your horizons. His expertise and experience are so natural and he is willing and eager to share whatever he has learnt and what works for him in a way that does not dampen your own creative spirit. He is so passionate about photography and about enabling and empowering others that you will want to come back for more! – Ruby Braumann


“Enthusiastic, passionate and a goldmine of experience and knowledge is what you will find when you learn from Garick. I met Garick during my formal studies as a professional photographer and he taught me what I couldn’t learn from the web or even books. He gets you excited about the craft and his playful expertise will give you the quiet confidence to raise your game. This is one guy you will meet as a student and leave a friend. So buckle up and prepare to have your brain wrecked with awesomeness!” – Etienne Fourie.


I was fortunate enough to go out to a wedding with Garick and experience first-hand how the magic behind his photographs happen. I cannot put in words how much I learnt from watching Garick work. I not only learnt numerous photography tips, but life lessons in terms of how to work with people. It is the most important part of our business as photographers and to be able to see how Garick works with people with such ease and charismatic charm, was such an important lesson for me. Garick taught me that professionalism is vitally important in this business and it is what makes customers not only return with future business, but creates friendships along the way too. I would highly recommend that anybody who would like to learn the art of photography and photography as a business to Learn With Garick. – Carin Cross


Location of workshop and details can be discussed via email.


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