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Clayton +Nikki

Published in December 20, 2018

A day of memories and love! Our last wedding story for 2017! It all started with a hot and sticky day with love notes and memories of two amazing people sharing their love amongst their family and friends. Rosemary hill is one incredible venue! We could not choose enough backdrops for the couple because there is so much to capture... but enough about that. The main story of Nikki & Clayton was t

Attie + Anke

Published in September 13, 2017

Together There was the beauty of raw emotion as Attie heard his beloved speak moments before she walked down the aisle. As he caught a glimpse of her walking down the aisle, her arm around her father and her dad making her smile and telling her stories only known to the two of them, Attie beamed. Their day had finally arrived, the emotions could not be contained and their love for one another was now going

David + Lara

Published in March 8, 2017

A ceremony under the trees, a kindling of joy amongst the Fouriesburg mountains and a coming together of two people, David + Lara. As we captured these two beautiful people in the cherry orchards we could see the happiness and love that finally they were able to make this promise and share it with so many people. As Lara's sisters helped with her hair, making sure that she looked beautiful for her big day, th

Nick + Abigail

Published in February 23, 2017

If we could only say these words. It was the atmosphere and the electricity when he spun her around  in the middle of the dance floor on a song that expressed their jubilant hearts of a day they both been waiting for. If we could only say these words in our blog it would sum-up the wedding story of Nick & Abigail.  The Gatsby flavour throughout the day was humming at every corner with breat

Louis + Louzel

Published in October 31, 2016

Part of having to capture destination weddings is the excitement, the open roads, the different atmospheres of landscapes and the knowledge of not knowing who we will meet on this journey. Having done a wedding the night before in a different location with a another vibe makes it quite interesting to see the contrast in the way weddings portrays itself.  Do yourself a favor and book a flight to Nelson Mandel

Philip + Claudia

Published in September 21, 2016

A chilly morning, with the sun gently breaking through just enough to keep us warm through a ceremony next to a dam on a trout lodge overlooking the Dullstroom meander with its winter palette.  One thing was guaranteed at Philip + Claudia's wedding that no amount of  chill in the air was going to put a damper on the joy and celebration of a wedding day and a bit of dancing and merriment was bound to chase t

Christiaan + Linki

Published in April 2, 2014

Dullstroom. One of my most loved places that somehow crept into my heart. The open spaces and green hills with a cool breeze hitting your face as you stand and look in silence at God's creation. Lisa and Jude were joining me for the long weekend which makes the trip so worth it. A man with his family is a rich man in his heart. So excited was I to prepare myself for Christiaan & Linki's day of becoming on