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Philip + Claudia

Published in September 21, 2016

A chilly morning, with the sun gently breaking through just enough to keep us warm through a ceremony next to a dam on a trout lodge overlooking the Dullstroom meander with its winter palette.  One thing was guaranteed at Philip + Claudia's wedding that no amount of  chill in the air was going to put a damper on the joy and celebration of a wedding day and a bit of dancing and merriment was bound to chase t

Christiaan + Linki

Published in April 2, 2014

Dullstroom. One of my most loved places that somehow crept into my heart. The open spaces and green hills with a cool breeze hitting your face as you stand and look in silence at God's creation. Lisa and Jude were joining me for the long weekend which makes the trip so worth it. A man with his family is a rich man in his heart. So excited was I to prepare myself for Christiaan & Linki's day of becoming on